Unleash your business full potential with Curtains Calculator

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Curtains and draperies calculation can be made easy to understand for new employees, students and interior designers. The thing your company do so well for decades can be even better now using Curtains Calculator in your textile business. Our mission is to calculate any order in under 5 minutes. Save your costs and make your company paperless and more friendly to our mother nature. Combined curtains, roman blinds or even bedspread can be calculated instantly without any human-error made in the offer or your final order. It can be a three floor apartment or Virgin’s train windows, you will be able to calculate it in just a few minutes!

What problem CurtainsCalculator solves for textile businesses?

Curtain and interior salons targeted customers are (B2B) interior designers and (B2C) clients. If you are able to prepare any offer for interior designers faster than your competitors – you double your chances to get the order! If a curtain shop can make a final offer for (B2C) clients while they still in your showroom, there’s no place for price misunderstanding, so you double your chances to get the order as well! Let’s be honest with your self, customers don’t care on how much curtains cost, while they didn’t receive an offer with a higher price they expected. So we are happy to announce that it is not an issue any more! We solved this problem with CurtainsCalculator.

Save your customers money

The calculator will help you to calculate any type of fabric leaving no material leftovers. So your clients will not pay extra money. With CurtainsCalculator you will no need paper on your desk for the calculations. Simple, but brilliant idea to save a tree every time your customer come to your showroom. We calculated that small curtains and interior shops make about 500 calculations per year.

With our program you will calculate all the possible calculations, from roman blinds, combined curtains or even bedspreads when you need to adjust adornments, sew another matching fabric, combining even a few of them in one model, sew tassels and other wanted supplements. Without all of that with the calculator you can calculate fabrics of any size, even if they’re 3 and 1.4 meters in height and length. The calculator will help you to calculate any type of fabric for tailoring without any leftovers.

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