The Curtains Calculator web app is service business model software that is accessed via a subscription fee. There are 3 different pricing categories for our clients. We named them in honor of tropical islands.

The first one is made for designers or those who don’t have a showroom and work on their own as a mobile curtain shop. We call it – SAMOA. Samoa is known as the Cradle of Polynesia and is notable for its “Fa’a Samoa” the way of life. The Samoa plan was made especially for interior designers or those who have their own unique interior world way of life in relation to window treatments. With Samoa Curtains Calculator app you will be able to manage your orders and see all the analytics of your sales in the client database. You may simply create and print, or send an offer to your clients. This is the perfect tool to grow your business and do so much more for just 59 Euros
per month. (Or 490 Euros per year. 30% discount)