In the textile industry, Curtains Calculator has been developed as an alternative to the invariable calculator

To date, even in the twenty-first century, a simple calculator has been an indispensable tool in the textile industry, which sometimes calculates the final price of complex orders from hours to days. However, according to a news release, Darius Baltunis, co-founder of curtains and interior salon Admaja, has developed an alternative to the instrument, which […]

Unleash your business full potential with Curtains Calculator

  Unleash your business full potential with CurtainsCalculator Curtains and draperies calculation can be made easy to understand for new employees, students and interior designers. The thing your company do so well for decades can be even better now using Curtains Calculator in your textile business. Our mission is to calculate any order in under […]

10 Facts About Curtains And Draperies

10 Facts About Curtains and Draperies 1. What the Difference Between Drapes and Curtains? Curtains are known by many names such as curtain panels, drapes, drapery, and drapery panels. Although those names mean the same thing to most of us, there is an actual distinction between curtain and drapes. Curtains usually do not have linings […]

How many calculation errors do curtain salon advisors make annually?

How many calculation errors do curtain salon advisors make annually? Annually, errors in the calculation of order price account for, on average, 5 to 10% of the total turnover. Curtain Calculator enables you to avoid such errors and immediately communicate the accurate price to the customer. One of the most common problems faced by curtain salons […]

Messy paper calculation

Kodėl užuolaidų kaina skaičiuojama taip ilgai

Didžiausia problema, su kuria susiduria užuolaidų ir interjero industrijos atstovai – per ilgai užsitęsiantis pardavimo procesas, erzinantis tiek klientus, tiek pardavėjus. Perkant standartizuotus produktus viskas paprasčiau. Juk jei Jūs norite nusipirkti televizorių ar muzikinį grotuvą, viskas bus gana paprasta ir pirkimo procesas atrodys maždaug taip: a) internete pasitikrinsite kainas; b) išsirinksite patraukliausią modelį; c) užsisakysite […]

Messy paper calculation

Why does it take so long to calculate the cost of curtains?

Curtains Calculator cuts the curtain calculation process right down – from a few hours to a few minutes. Customers immediately know how much it will cost to fulfil their wishes; businessmen avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs.   The most common problem the curtain and interior design industry faces is the pro-longed sale process that frustrates […]