How many calculation errors do curtain salon advisors make annually?

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Annually, errors in the calculation of order price account for, on average, 5 to 10% of the total turnover. Curtain Calculator enables you to avoid such errors and immediately communicate the accurate price to the customer.

One of the most common problems faced by curtain salons is the complex calculations (blackout, drapes, blinds etc.), when it comes to determining the price of a bespoke order. Practice shows that, in the course of a year, errors make up about 5 to 10% of the total turnover, and for a small salon with, for example, three employees, this can mean  several thousand euros pounds or dollars in annual losses. Lack of attention? We don’t think that the problem lies here. In fact, it is impossible to avoid such errors when calculating manually by hand and simple calculator. Order calculations are complex, involving many different components – volume of material, stitches, bends, accessories, additional services, etc. – so when calculating manually, some details are bound to escape.

Calculate any order in less than 5 minutes

Curtains Calculator not only enables you to calculate any order of any complexity in less than 5 minutes, saving your precious time, but also solves the problem of human error. All the more, errors can hit you where it hurts the most – they can smear company’s reputation. One of our clients in the United States suffered a serious crisis when an employee made calculation error and estimated the price to be higher than that of actual. The client, having received the calculated estimate with the applied discount, not only refused to buy curtains, but also accused the salon of fraud. Moreover, he poured out his anger on social media, arguing that the salon deliberately exploits the complexity of the ordering calculations in the hope that the customer will get lost in numbers and conditions, and, therefore, calculate a much larger amount and then apply a discount. Thus, the company not only lost a client, but also damaged its reputation.

Use Curtains Calculator as a tool to unleash your personal creativity

By using a Curtains Calculator you will avoid such situations: in a spreadsheet, each cost element is clearly visible and is comprehensible to everyone. And not only will you conserve customers, but you will also help your employees feel more confident and competent in their role and duties. Let your company be inovative and more competetive in your local market.

Save time and money with Curtains Calculator

Calculate any Curtains, blackout, drapery order in less than 5 minutes

Avoid human-errors in your curtain calculations

Have safe and reliable database of your customers

Measure your employees productivity in your curtains salon.

Save more than 5 % of the total turnover.

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