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The Curtains Calculator app is a business management tool for curtain shop owners, interior designers and fabric vendors to automize drapery calculations. We created a beautifully designed web application for business to business companies. You will be able to calculate drapery orders according to the needs of the customer. This includes all the sewing, along with several fabric combinations, pattern repeats, and other possibilities. We also created a safe and reliable client database, analytics, and a beautifully designed offers and orders section with send and print functions.

With the Curtains Calculator you will be able to manage your business and have all these tools in one application.

Our Story

We’ve had a curtain and interior showroom since 2011 and have been looking for a business management tool to manage and grow our company ever since then. There were no such tools on the market, so we decided to create our own. In 2017 we came up with the solution of the Curtains Calculator web app and found out that it was a simple, fast and easy to use way to process our work. We became more competitive in our local market. Our textile vendors started to question us about our business strategy and model as we were working and growing fast. In 2019 we committed to making the Curtains Calculator web app a business solution to help other companies work more simply and effectively in this industry.

Support From Textile Vendors

Additionally, we got a lot of support from our textile vendors, because they were interested in their clients (b2b shops) being able to serve more customers at a time and make more sales. It was at this point that we went to the biggest expo in Europe, Heimtextile, to do some pilot research, armed with a simple question. Do all curtain shops calculate curtains by hand and with a simple calculator? The answer was a resounding, “yes.”

Interior Institutes Has Same Issues

We found out that interior design institutes also struggle with the calculation issue. As they explained it to us: “We work with young and creative people who come to color the world, but when faced with numbers, algorithms and difficult mathematical functions they become discouraged.” With this realization it became our mission to help creative people all over the world focus on creative things and leave the formulas and numbers to us.

What kind of Companies Should Choose Curtains Calculator web app?

The Curtains Calculator is the right tool for your business if you fit the following criteria:

1. You are a creative organization whose purpose is to serve customers in a professional and simple way.

2. You work, or are willing to work with interior designers from outside (freelancers).

3. You want to put a stop to human error in the calculation process.

4. You are looking to grow your business.

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