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Curtains Calculator: A revolutionary app to help interior designers in saving time, effort and money!

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Curtains Calculator is a web application that cuts the curtain calculation process drastically down i.e. from a few hours to a few minutes. It heavily assists interior designers and sales staff of curtain shops in the decision-making process while quoting, planning and bidding for small sales to bigger projects. Hence, it saves huge efforts, time, and money.

Why Curtains Calculator is the best alternative?

Calculating and quoting the price or requirements of curtains is a tedious and time-consuming task. Even the experienced staff needs hours of calculation and effort to figure out the correct price to quote. This loss of time results in the loss of potential sales and profits. However, Curtains Calculation web application boils down this hour’s long process into a few minutes process and eliminates chances of errors or miscalculations.

  • Automize draperies calculations
  • Eliminate human-error
  • Zero waste
  • Have a reliable database
  • Measure your employees productivity
  • Add your companies logo on invoice, contract and offer

Features of Curtains Calculator Web Application

Curtains Calculator Web Application has the following major beneficial features to support interior designers and sales staff.

Print offer

One can easily print the final offer! It means getting rid of papers and manual calculator. Furthermore, the printed offer can contain beneficial information for customers as well as sellers.

Fabric Stock Control

It is easy to do fabric stock control with the help of curtains calculator. Hence, it helps in stock management and wise bidding or quoting.

Login for Employees & Freelance designers

It provides login facilities as per the unique requirements of your business.

Lastly, it provides complete training and full support.

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