Window decoration ideas

Christmas window decor ideas

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The holiday season is in the town and it’s time to decorate not only Christmas tree but some particular pieces like doors and windows. Make your home into a little joyful folly with trusted favorites and a few clever Christmas alternatives that include a curtain on your window. We’ve some Christmas ideas to decorate the windows. There are so many ideas to choose, like hanging ornaments, gifts, candies and cookies, you can decorate your curtains almost everything you want to. Remember that evergeen plants, pinecones, branches in vases or bottles can look just fabulous.

Here is a cool idea if you don’t want a Christmas tree to bring in your home. Hang a branch of a Christmas tree.

Make your own decorations

The holidays can get expensive, so make a list of what you need and double check what you have already. Always try to decorate your home with natural alternatives. Decoration can cost next to nothing if you stick to natural options, like simple spruce or pine branch dipped in a vase and bound with a red ribbon. Make sure your Christmas decor non-plastic and you will use it next holiday. Also make sure you have enough storage space to keep the item till next Christmas.

If you have a bunch of vases put some tree branches or long red neckless in our case. Put candles and you got yourself a beautiful Christmas arrangement.

A Christmas Tree

Remember that the best type of Christmas tree is one that is still living. But if you can’t fit a potted Christmas tree in your home, then make sure it’s ethically grown and sourced. No need a big tree, sometimes with a smaller tree comes bigger presents. If you decide to bring a big Christmas tree to your home, make sure you have enough space for the tree and you will not damage the curtains with the branches.

Holidays can get a little color-crazy

Bright green, red, silver and gold flood the festive scene. Have all the colors, but remember, your home doesn’t have to look like a circus. Pick your main festive color and create an elegant lovely home space. Curtain as part of the decor can be the main one if you will decorate it with some small interior details. If you decide to make special Christmas curtain, remember that is necessary to cover the entire window with fabric. Make just a decors at the edges of the windows. You even can simple calculate curtain sewing with CurtainsCalculator web app. It can save a lot of time and money, especially on holiday season.

Prepare a lazy launch chair for Santa.
Transparent glass ornaments, candles hung in the windows will catch light and send reflections throughout the room.

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