Calculating Precious Memories from “Heimtextil”

We introduced ourselves to the people of “Heimtextil” Fair

During the days of 8th through 11th of January our calculating app team of “Curtains Calculator” went on a trip to Germany to the “Heimtextil” textile expo. It was our first expo for the “Cu&Cu” team as a whole, and we can certainly say that it won’t be our last. Until the very first minute of the expo we had a lot of questions for ourselves: Is the market in need of our product? Is the market ready for it? And does our project have any value to the entrepreneurs of the curtain and interior industry?  

Right now I know one thing: this wasn’t our last expo. Right after we came back from “Heimtextil”, we got to work: we got hundreds of new client contacts, who are eagerly waiting to get their first training for the “Curtains Calculator” and get their hands on the app for the first time, so they could start their new business year by optimizing their process, and generating profit by working efficiently. 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who made this amazing expo happen for us: „Adanteks“, „IFI Designs and Colors“, „Alhambra“, „Heimtextil“, „Latia“ and many others, which not only helped us to get into the expo, but also helped us to find our first customers! Our team of five traveled over 4000 kilometers (or over 2500 miles) in a small car trying to get to the expo which was held in Frankfurt, Germany. All five of us decided to ride in one car, because as they say about life: “It’s all about journey, and not the destination”, and nothing beats a car ride with the people that are important to you! Also, we decided that getting a carpool will bind our team even stronger, and we were not wrong. Our company received tickets as a gift from our fabric supplier, to whom we are eternally grateful, so we picked everyone up and kicked off.

An Offer From a Billionair

Before arriving at the expo, we decided to play a little game: “Who will attract most customers and get their business cards”. And to our surprise, our SEO Martynas, who was very anxious about the whole trip in the first place, and had the least amount of experience in attending expos, got so into the whole pitching game, that he became the victor. He improved so much, that he was able to get business cards from interested clients even while riding the escalator with them! While trying to sell our services we bought loads of jewelry from an Icelandic designer (one of our team members even got to take a picture with him), we heard plenty of hilarious jokes and even got an offer to work with from one Indian-American billionaire, and the signs of our exhaustion were obvious to see from the songs of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The target customer of fabric suppliers is also the target customer of “Curtains Calculator”, so cooperation was mutually beneficial. Using the “Curtains Calculator” app, our customers can serve more of their customers at the same time and do it much faster than they used to do it before. Therefore, we assume that with the help of our calculator, the curtain salons will serve more designers and clients, which will lead to ordering more fabric from the suppliers.


Curtains Calculator Is a Tool Which Helps to Optimise the Sales Process:

  1. Any order of any difficulty will be calculated in less than 5 minutes, 
  2. Eliminating human error, 
  3. Having safe and secure database, 
  4. Measuring the productivity of your employees, 
  5. Getting rid of paper for calculations,
  6. Being innovative and competitive in the market.

These are just a few benefits which are provided by using “Curtains Calculator”, which saves your company 10-15% of annual income. For just a small company it could mean anywhere from $5000 to $8000 of real profit every year.

Calculations by hand VS.

We were pleasantly surprised by how wealthy, magnificent and historical this industry really is which has thousands of members all around the world. And we had a question that had the most interest to us: How do you calculate orders? By using a hand and a calculator, or do you have calculating system of some sort? The answer we got inspired us to create and move on further, so that the “Curtains Calculator” would be a must for every company, and not just a competitive advantage. 

 Think of what motivates you the most and makes you get up early in the morning and you will understand the feeling that is sizzling inside “Curtains Calculator” team right now, of which I am very proud of. And this is just the beginning of our adventure – I can guarantee that.




Darius Baltunis

CEO & Co-Founder of Curtains Calculator 

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