10 Facts About Curtains And Draperies

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1. What the Difference Between Drapes and Curtains?

Curtains are known by many names such as curtain panels, drapes, drapery, and drapery panels. Although those names mean the same thing to most of us, there is an actual distinction between curtain and drapes.

Curtains usually do not have linings and are hung from a rod by tabs. They are mostly light weight and can be used as a decorative piece. When you start to add linings to curtains, it will start to appear more like drapery panels.

Drapes and drapery panels are the same, and they are usually lined and cover the length from the top to the floor. They are often attached by hooks to a traverse rod.

The key difference between drapes and curtains is very simple. Basically, drapes are pleated and are more formal. Curtains are informal and it can be easily made. Both can make the window more appealing with extended flows of fabric. Curtains Calculator is ready to help you with a calculations no mater your are calculating drapes or curtains.

2. Colour fabrics just for Rich People

It was during the Viktorian era! Till 1901’s colour fabrics were incredibly expensive and thus could only be bought by the rich people. Typical families had to settle for dark fabrics for curtains which to be fair did fit into the aesthetic of their dull and dreary age. “Curtains and interior industry is changing and we can be afraid of it or we can be a pioneers” – (CurtainsCalculator.com)

3. Dressing Up Your Curtains 

Returning to the Victorian Era, it’s interesting to point out that colour wasn’t the only way you could show your wealth with curtains. You could dress them up with drapes, a valance and other cool accessories to show that you could afford it.

4. Roman Blinds were made by Romans

Yes as you might expected, Roman blinds were born in Rome, Italy. It was a time of Caesar’s empire. People were tired of dust blowing into their home, they hung up materials that could keep it out while letting the air in. Thus the Roman blinds that are still used today were born. 

5.  The biggest window in the world 

The largest window is in the Notre Dame Cathedral. It measures 41 meters in circumference. As such, it would be incredibly difficult to design and calculate a curtain system that would fit it completely. Curtains Salons would be the luckiest ones to have such an order and we are happy to help them to calculate order in less than 5 minutes with a Curtains Calculator tool. 

6. No curtains in Science movies?

You will never see a blinds or curtains in science fiction movies. Instead, windows are usually depicted as
being advanced enough to change from dark to light and even display different scenes and environments outside your window. 

7. Window Coverings Can be Eco Friendly

Curtains can be the Most Eco-Efficient Window Covering. Shades are actually the best at conserving heat in your home. The design of the fabric traps the cold air and keeps the warm air from escaping. You can see curtains in the entrance of the restaurants. Curtains can also insulate your home and trap heat, meaning lower energy bills. The thicker your curtains are, the more insulated your home will be.

8. Curtains Can Be Fun and automated

Do you hate waking up in the morning to a dark room? You can now buy an automated system that will open the blinds in your bedroom at a certain time every day.

9. Curtains Can Absorb Carbon Dioxide

If you use blinds made of natural materials in your home, they will absorb carbon dioxide, improving the quality of air in your property.

10. You Can Calculate Any Curtain Order In Less Than 5 Minutes

CurtainsCalculator.com a startup from Lithuania invented a software for Curtain Salons, interior designers and Interior design Institutes to calculate combined custom made curtains in just a few minutes. It’s simple, user friendly and even fun to calculate order while communicating with customers.

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